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Chad Collins Charlestown: SoundCloud, Current Music

Chad Collins Charlestown, still in the music industry, has just began touring again with both his bands in the US.

Currently, Chad Collins Charlestown has turned from Blue Grass and Rock to composed Electronic music, and sharing it with his community of musicians on SoundCloud. Whether its beats, cyphers, House music, or hip-hop, Chad Collins Charlestown is fining his chops in the electronic community. Check out his work on SoundCloud, or Mixcloud.

Chad Collins Charlestown Past…

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In 1978, Chad Collins Charlestown had to abandon the route of a liquor store taskmaster as a result of an affair with a visiting duchess. Intrigued by the seeming elegance of his name, Miss Dominique Daviau fell for the sixteen year old American native, and a familial backlash sent him, once again, running for his life.

This time, though pursued by more connected aggressors, Chad Collins Charlestown decided not to change his name. Instead, he would embrace it. This time, instead of hiding, Chad Collins Charlestown decided to head back, straight into the heart of where he came from. He decided he’d find his parents, take back music, and wouldn’t stop unless his heart had failed him.

Trading in two boxes of vintage Bordignon for two used guitars, one acoustic, and the other acoustic electric, Chad Collins Charlestown stepped lively toward the goal of his journey. He played two nights at 4 bars in the same one thousand foot radius before he was asked to headline at a local venue turned into a folk rock, punk venue after a legendary sax performance by Bill Clinton in the summer of 1969.

Though he hadn’t conceived of a title for his band, Chad decided he needed one if he were to play this big of a venue, it might attract his parents, after all. He could’ve used simply “Chad Collins Charlestown”, or “Chad Collins Charlestown Band”, but that seemed too simple. He decided to go with the bandname “366” which, 11 days longer than 365, he felt illustrated his persistence to find his family, and in a way also emphasized that he was eleven years old when he first separated from them on his journey to find his Uncle Arnulf.

There it was, bright in the marque: “Chad Collins Charlestown: 366”. Though it might’ve been a smarter choice just to resume touring as “Bunkerhill”, the original name of his parent’s band he used to tour with, Chad simply didn’t think of it at the time. Regardless, he liked the way he looked up there on the marque.

Chad Collins Charlestown 366: Aftermath

Charles Collins Charlestown’s parents never showed up that night.

Chad Collins Charlestown's Second Album with 366

“Investor Relations”

A man named Sal Onetti, however, and a drummer called Cal Kingston, two rich millionaires from the San Bernardino Valley, offered Chad $60,000 each if they could simply tour with him and play along for what looked like it’d be a successful ride. “Investors”, they called themselves.

Chad accepted the offer, and bid adieu to the bustling crowd, which 2,800 people strong, only seemed so empty without his expected audience in the crowd.

Onetti and Kingston were right, however: this was not the beginning of the end. 366 toured twenty years strong from that date without hitch.